To bring in the idea of the oxymoron can help to understand the simultaneity of non complementary elements?

How to think non complementary elements occurring simultaneously?

On one hand, there is Bipolarity in the late Beethoven as the oscillation across two extremes. This case is easy because it´s about which of the elements is first presented: first I show A and then I shift to B, the case of the Op. 135, 4th movement.. But the most interesting phenomenon is the simultaneity of this two elements of a series, as happens in The Heilige Dankgesang where the extremes are happening at the same time, are combined, cross linked, illness and inner wealth are now one same single thing.

Beethoven and Nietzsche

Letter to Peter Gast, August 1881
Thoughts have loomed upon my horizon the like of which I have not known before—I shall not divulge anything about them, but shall remain imperturbably calm. I shall have to live a few years longer ! Ah, my friend, sometimes I have a feeling that I am leading a most dangerous life, for I belong to the kind of machine that can fly to pieces. The intensity of my feelings makes me shudder and laugh once or twice already I have been unable to leave my room for the absurd reason that my eyes were inflamed—by what? On each occasion I had wept too much on my wanderings the day before and not sentimental tears by any means, but tears of joy and exaltation. At such moments I sang and uttered nonsense, filled with a new vision which I had seen in advance of the rest of mankind.

Nietzsche: Thus spoke Zarathustra. The drunken song, part 4 chapter 10

drunkard? Or a dream-reader? Or a midnight-bell?

Or a drop of dew? Or a fume and fragrance of eternity? Hear you it

not? Smell you it not? Just now has my world become perfect, midnight

is also mid-day,-

Pain is also a joy, curse is also a blessing, night is also a sun,- go away!

or you will learn that a sage is also a fool.

Said you ever Yes to one joy? O my friends, then said you Yes also to

all woe. All things are enlinked, enlaced and enamoured,-

-Wanted you ever once to come twice; said you ever: "You please me,

happiness! Instant! Moment!" then wanted you all to come back again!

-All anew, all eternal, all enlinked, enlaced and enamoured, Oh, then

did you love the world,-

-You eternal ones, you love it eternally and for all time: and also to

woe do you say: Hence! Go! but come back! For joys all want- eternity!

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